Charlottesville and Central VA Car Paint Correction Services

 A cars paint is one of the first things we notice about a car.  Unfortunately most vehicles do not maintain their original luster. A myriad of issues impact a paints shine such as road grit and grime, water spots and rings, auto car washes, tar, bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap.  There are many other foes of lovely paint, but you get the idea.

While these perpetrators cannot be be stopped, they can certainly be corrected! At Virginia Auto Detailing we offer an array of paint correction glazes and polishes.  These professional car products are designed to quickly remove major paint imperfections. Your cars paint will become vibrant and even.  It will shine and feel very smooth to the touch.

Prior to beginning paint correction and full exterior wash and detail is required.  After the car is clean we begin compounding and polishing to your desired service level. A meticulous 26-step hand wash is where we begin. From there your car is dried via compressed air and a microfiber towel. Your car's paint, glass, and mirror is then decontaminated with a clay bar.  An iron-x treatment follows to remove embedded grit grime from the road.  Your tires and wheel wells are then dressed and protected. Your cars glass and mirrors are then polished to remove road film and water spots and rings. We then utilize a hydrophobic sealant to protect and provide higher visibility when driving in the rain or snow.  After these steps your cars paint is corrected to your desired level. Finally your paint, wheels and chrome are applied with a polymer paint sealant. A a coat of protecting wax is then applied which can last up to 6 months.