Add value to your car - get your car detailed!

There are many reasons to get your card detailed at Virginia Auto Detailing. But we want to focus on just 2 for now! So let us break it down for you by outlining the two biggest benefits to having your car detailed!


You love your car. But will you keep it your entire life? Is this your last car? Probably not.

Eventually you’re going to want or need to trade in or sell your beloved vehicle. It will hurt, and you’ll never forget the time you have spent together, but someday the moment will come when you’ll say farewell. So when you do decide it’s time to part company, guess what? All the tiny scratches, paint chips, paint fading, and interior wear and tear that you had learned to overlook in your mad love affair will wind up costing you MAJOR MONEY.

But detailing can protect you from that. Let us break it down for you…

EXTERIOR: When your car is detailed here we at a minimum use a powerful, industry leading wax coatings, and restorative products

INTERIOR: On the inside we also use different top of the line products to coat and defend the interior surfaces of your car. This can stop the leather or the cloth from cracking, tearing or peeling and will also protect the dashboard and other exposed surfaces from the blazing Texas sun.


If you own a classic car or have a car that has seen better days, a good detailer (like us!) can help bring a car back to its original gorgeousness and shine. This is so important when having your car appraised. All of us can remember taking a trade in to the dealer and wishing you’d brought it there in a little bit better shape. This is because it adds real value to your car!

In fact on average a thorough detailing will increase your car’s value by 10-15%! So while a good detailing may set you back $100-$200, it will potentially put thousands of dollars in your bank account.

Take it from us, fellow Charlottesvillians, when you get your car detailed at Virginia Auto Detailing, your’e not only protecting your ride, you’re protecting your wallet. And that is worth the investment!

Charlottesville Car Detailing

At Virginia Auto Detailing we have earned our reputation as the premier Charlottesville Car Detailing crew by making cars look pristine, inside and out.

From allergy-free steam cleaning and odor removal, to exterior polishing, ceramic coating, and detailing, Virginia Auto Detailing is committed to best-in-class car care in the Charlottesville area. This is our mission and this is our passion, and we’ve been doing it for over 10 years.

Visit us to receive the best Car Detail in Charlottesville VA. If you don’t agree we will give you a free car detail next time.

Signature Auto Detailing - Wax, Polish, and Ceramic Coating

Virginia Auto Detailing utilizes as signature product car care line which includes car wax, ceramic coatings, sealants, dressings, vacuums, cleaners, and a variety of polishes – all guaranteed to outshine and outlast any product you've used on your vehicle. The products we use are not mass-produced. Each car detailing product is formulated featuring special blends of high-quality polymers, waxes, and acrylics.

Our Virginia Auto Detailing Team is constantly evaluating and testing the car care and auto detailing product blends to guarantee we are offering you the most technologically advanced and safe products available to the market.

We at Virginia Auto Detailing prefer quality over quantity. This is why we offer a limited number of Car and SUV detailing reservation slots throughout the week to ensure we provide the highest level of care for your car washing and detailing needs.

Thank you for your trust and Virginia Auto Detailing for your vehicle.

Interior Auto Detailing in Charlottesville

It feels like spring which means it is time for interior car detailing!  If you are like us, over the winter your car can become cluttered and require a little extra TLC.  Did you spill coffee on your seats?  Did you kids make a mess on your leather?  Did you throw skis in your car? Let us help make your car look like new after the wintry mess you put it through.  We already already booking up quickly for interior detail services for all size vehicles.  Remember that we are by appointment only so please make a reservation in advance prior to bringing your car in.  We also provide free estimates if you would like for us to look at your car before you choose the detail service you require.  While our Auto Detailing service operates out of our Charlottesville office we also travel and have the ability to provide quotes for large auto detailing jobs anywhere in the state of Virginia.

Our team looks forward to seeing you soon to make your car look like new!  Bye bye interior car stains. Hello ready-for-spring vehicle!

Virginia Interior Auto Detailing Car Washing
Interior Car Upholstery Cleaning Charlottesville Car Wash

Charlottesville Car Detailing For Residence Inn on West Main

This spring the new Residence Inn on West Main Street in Charlottesville opens, and we are ready to detail your car when you visit!  If you are driving to Charlottesville and staying at the Residence Inn we are glad to come and pick up your car, wash it by hand, detail the interior and exterior, wax your car, while you explore the downtown area and have it back to you by the end of the day!

Take a Wine Tour with one of the best Tour companies in Charlottesville, Blue Ridge Wine Excursions, while we detail your car or SUV.  Come back after a day of tasting to your awesome suite at the Residence Inn on West Main and walk downtown to dinner at Bizou!  Your car will be returned to you nice and shiny like brand new ready for your trip back home the next day!

Charlottesville Auto Detailing



After 7 years of providing custom auto detailing and car wash services to the private car collectors and enthusiasts and the extensive Albemarle Limousine fleet (featuring sedans, SUVS, minibuses, and motor coaches) Virginia Auto Detailing is excited to begin offering our auto detailing services to the public.  

Our new home us on 175 South Pantops Drive and we offer an array of custom car detailing and car washing options.  All provided by hand with the finest washing, waxing, and polishing car products on the market.

From the challenges of keeping one of the largest for-hire vehicle fleets in Charlottesville and central VA ever ready to provide service for the most discerning travel clients, our team has learned to be efficient, thorough, and enthusiastic!

Charlottesville Auto Detailing and Car Wash Packages